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Giving Back

Giving Back

Our love for our mothers MAria and Isa (MAI) inspired our brand. And love keeps us going. Love means caring. Love means empathy, sharing and growing together through struggles.  Love means giving back. 

Back when we started in 2017, one of our first “business” meetings was in a cancer hospital for children in Guatemala. There we saw how children and parents with less economic possibilities struggle through this process. We thought we could help them and so we did. Every year we donate clothing for different non-profit organizations and charities and what we get in return is more than we can ask for: their gratitude with a smile.

Inspired by cancer survivors

Fundación Amigos Contra el Cáncer (FUNDECAN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer education and treatments for women. Their main objective is to educate women on how to prevent breast cancer through knowledge and research. In 2018-2019, MAI We Care, got to donate pre-loved clothes to cancer patients, giving them comfort and love when needed the most. Learn more of Fundecan´s mission and how to donate HERE.

Dressing kids during chemo

According to AYUVI, children from third world countries have less chance of survival.

“In developed countries, more than 80% of children affected by cancer are cured, but in underdeveloped countries, where 90% of the world's children live, the survival rate can be less than 8% in certain regions of the world, and around 35% in Central America, including Guatemala.”

Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir (AYUVI) was created for this reason: ensure that every child and teenager with cancer in Guatemala can receive adequate treatment, so they can have a better chance of survival. Their goal is to raise funds to provide necessary resources to the National Pediatric Oncology Unit (UNOP), which is the only highly specialized center for pediatric cancer treatment in Guatemala.

As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, in 2020 we donated pajamas to children undergoing cancer treatments at AYUVI. Our goal: to soothe someone’s day and help save children with cancer in Guatemala!  Learn more on how you can HELP.

Helping children through dialysis

In 2003, the Fundación para el Niño Enfermo Renal (Foundation for Children with Kidney Disease) (FUNDANIER) was founded by parents of children with chronic kidney disease in Guatemala.  Since then, FUNDANIER has supported the development and maintenance of a Pediatric Nephrology Unit at the Roosevelt Hospital, one of the country’s tertiary-level referral hospitals. Through this general renal clinic, FUNDANIER receives inpatients and outpatients from all over the country, especially with lack of financial resources.  Patients do not pay any fees or donations to be admitted.

In 2021, with the objective of making a child going through dialysis more pleasant, MAI We Care donated children's adaptive t-shirts to use during their treatments.  Wearing MAI shirts, helped children feel comfortable and cared for, while going through a rough time.

Learn more of Fundanier´s mission and how you can help change children going through dialysis in Guatemala HERE.

Empowering para-athletes with clothing that looks & feels good

When we started MAI inspired by our mothers during chemo, we never thought we could help so many more people.

 In 2023 we collaborated with the official Paralympics committee in Guatemala (@copag.oficial). We met amazing para-athletes, blind children who participate in track and field, young men and women with paraplegic condition who compete in boccia and many young athletes, who with a prosthetic leg or arm are the best at table tennis. Most of them usually need help with assisted dressing and we are glad MAI adaptive clothing could be a solution for them.
MAI We Care is making their day-to-day life easier, through adaptive clothing that understands para athletes unique needs.

In addition to the above, we also joined the official Paralympics committee in Guatemala by being part of Guatemala’s first Paralympic Race #WeThe15.  The race took place in Guatemala City on Sunday, May 14 at 7:30 am.  Hundreds of people of all ages, with and without disabilities participated during the race.

Through activities like this, together, we aim to make a society that is more inclusive through sports! For more information follow: @copag.oficial.

Empowering people with disabilities through fashion inclusion

In March 2023, for the first time, MAI We Care participated in The Adaptive Exhibit led by Runway of Dreams Club at Marist College in New York @runwayofdreamsmarist. During this exhibit, we shared the floor with many fashion adaptive apparel brands and dressed talented models with disabilities for a powerful, stylish & revolutionary exhibit!

The Adaptive Exhibit at Marist College is just one of the many college exhibits and runways where adaptive fashion brands like MAI We Care are being showcased, all with the same mission: to empower people with disabilities through fashion inclusion.

Marist College participation led us to be part of many other Runway of Dreams college exhibits and adaptive fashion shows, including @runwayofdreamsduke, @ksurunwayofdreams, @runwayofdreamsumich, @runwayofdreams.udel among others.  Through these exhibits and events, we have helped raise awareness, educate consumers and advocate for industry change on adaptive clothing, and as a result, improve the quality of life of people living with disabilities.

These exhibits and fashion shows have been made possible by key individuals from the Runway of Dreams Foundation, especially Mindy Scheier @mindyscheier. Follow or @runwayofdreams to learn more about this nonprofit organization that is leading the charge on inclusion, acceptance, and opportunity in the fashion and beauty industries for people with disabilities. #RunwayOfDreams

Assisting caretakers of disabled people

Helping the Paralympic Committee opened new doors to us to help more people with disabilities. In August 2023, we donated adaptive clothing from our previous collections to Obras del Hermano Pedro, an organization that dedicates to providing a place to live to more than 200 people living with disabilities, especially paraplegic children and adults. Through volunteer work and educational programs, Obras del Hermano Pedro gives unique opportunities to so many Guatemalans whose lives are impaired.

"This clothing makes our day to day easier", said one of the doctors in charge.

“Your generosity not only improves the comfort of our patients, but also reflects your commitment to leave a mark in the quality and warmth with which you want to care for our residents. This gesture demonstrates how together we make a difference”, said the person in charge of this organization.

MAI We Care seeks to keep on helping this charity work through the years to come.

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