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It is great for post surgery

My mom fell and broke her shoulder and had to have a complete shoulder replacement. She is in a huge sling and cushion brace. This shirt helped rehab aides get her dressed easier. I recommend these shirts for any arm/shoulder injury.

Pricier than others but worth it

Nice soft material. Even surprised the nurses that it had side buttons looks and feels like a normal well-fitting shirt. Great alternative to some others that fit like trash bags

Women Long Sleeve
Dee Johnson

The small shirt is a pretty good fit for me 52 and 132. I just wish there were more colors. Hopefully I wont need it for long but it can still be a part of my wardrobe after its initial purpose.

Loved the black color!

Loved the color

works well

I have my right (dominant) arm in a cast. These shrits fit well and with some finesse I was able to dress myself by myself although with out help doing the last few snaps was a bit of a challenge. The shirts look good and are comfortable and I was able to get it on over my cast

Women Short Sleeve
Holly Jackson
Awesome product.

I ordered the evening before my shoulder surgery. It arrived at 5 am! I wish I had ordered 2. Will order second one now. After surgery was so easy to put on. Extremely soft and comfortable as well.

Women Long Sleeve
Amazon Customer
Great for shoulder injuries

My mom took a tumble and broke her shoulder. Her arm was completely immobilized so I hopped on Amazon for a solution to dressing her. These shirts had great reviews so I bought 3. They are perfect. The material is nice the snaps work well and once on they look like regular shirts. Mom alternated among the three shirts for several weeks while she healed and they look just as good now as they did when they arrived. I would highly recommend these to anyone with mobility issues or post-surgical recovery needs.

Perfect Post Surgery Shirt

Wore this home from a torn bicep surgery the nursing staff loved it very easy to take on and off with a few button snaps. And looks good enough that if you have to be out most would think its a normal shirt.

Must have if going in for surgery

Bought it for my brother-in-law for his shoulder surgery. The nurses were going to recommend it to their patients.

Amazing shirt

This shirt is a life saver. My son has a broken hemurus after was hit by a car. The shirt is a really good quality fabric. Easy to snap on and off which makes it easy to put on and off.I've washed it a milion times already and it still looks like brand new.I wish it was cheaper but it definately is worth every penny.

Love this shirt

I recently had shoulder surgery. Having this shirt was great because of ease to get and out of it. Even the Dr and nurse commented on how convenient it was for post op visits.

Men Long Sleeve
Rebekah Helzel

Men Long Sleeve

Good for temporary use

Great in theory. Too many (plastic) snaps. Otherwise this works very well.

Perfect shirt after shoulder surgery

This shirt has snaps on both sides all the way down from shoulder to hem. I think snaps are a plastic material. They are smooth and do not rub your skin. This shirt has been washed several times and comes out great. I can highly recommend.

Women Short Sleeve
Kathleen Davis
Can easily get clothes on now

I ha a total shoulder replacement and was not able to move my shoulder in so many ways. But I could dress myself when I wore this shirt.

Perfect for post rotator-cuff surgery

Purchased this for my hubby who had rotator cuff surgery. He wore the day of surgery and it worked very well. The nurse was impressed with the shirt and indeed made it easy to get him dressed after surgery especially because he couldnt really move his arm was out of it and both the medical dressing and post-surgery swelling wouldve made putting a regular shirt on difficult. The shirt has a lot of snap closures which take a while to snap close (doing it over…. Id consider the shirt w/magnetic closures). I knocked off one star only because my guy is 6-3 and these shirts dont come in tall so the length was a bit short on him.

Women Long Sleeve
Amazon Customer
nice quality style for women

I recently had rotator cuff surgery and discovered snap tops. What a revelation!! I liked this brand. They are pricey but excellent quality soft and shaped for women. I went up a size for the long sleeve and that worked well. I recommend this brand

Women Short Sleeve
Amazon Customer
comfy snap top shaped for women

These are really nice tops. They are soft and good quality. They are shaped for women and are true to women sizes. They are on the pricey side but I ended buying a few as I liked them best of all the snap tops I found after having rotator cuff surgery.

Port access shirt

This shirt is nice because the access snaps are in both shoulders. They are plastic so it doesn't interfere with any imaging either.

Men Short Sleeve
suborna sikder
Dialysis or post-surgery t-shirt with opening on both shoulders

I purchased this specialty t-shirt to be able to do dialysis. My dialysis technician needs access from the right shoulder. This shirt has opening on both shoulders making it very versatile. Its very comfortable to wear. Im very glad with this purchase.

Great for when you can't use a normal shirt

My father in law just had open heart surgery and we bought him 3 of these shirts while he was intensive care. Everyone (including hospital staff) was thrilled with this shirt--it gave medical personnel easy access to all the tubes and sensors he was connected to while giving him a sense of dignity of wearing normal clothes. (He also used the MAI shorts which he also loved).The shirt is versatile for many needs--if you can't put a shirt over your head you can put it on from the side. If you only have one hand you can easily put it on with the other. The material is soft and comfortable and the buttons are super easy to rip open for fast access and intuitive for buttoning up--just start at the ends and work your way down/up.

Easy dressing

This type of clothing makes it so easy to dress after shoulder surgery

Love It!

Got this for a shoulder replacement surgery. Very soft material on my skin I went XXL so I had plenty room space that made it easier to move around and sleep in buttons are soft but feel sturdy! Definitely recommend it!

Perfect surgery shirt.

I love using this shirt when I got to physical therapy and dont want to take it off totally. Perfect after surgery shirt. It snaps well. I like the color. Its very soft and comfortable.

Men Short Sleeve
Annabelle ruiz
Easy access

I bought the shirts for a client who has a feeding tube. He said there comfortable and it stops from moving the feeding tube when he gets dressed and when I feed him.

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